Goals before or when I reach 22

Okay, I’m turning 22 this month and on my every birthday I always wish for something new or I set something to achieve. Like last year, I got my 55-200mm lens (though it was really from my father) and bought myself some books and magazines. And now that I can -somehow- support my wants, I’d like the following to be my gift for myself on my birthday.

1. Books (it won’t be absent on my list) - As of now, I want to have a copy of Heaven is For Real, Tuesdays with Morrie, The Time Traveler’s Wife and Life of Pi. Gotta have at least one of them. I’m not a bookworm tho, but a week’s not complete without cuddling a book or two.

2. Magazines (particularly wedding)- Okay. I’m stoked everytime I see wedding/bridal mags because in them I see infinite sources of inspiration. And of course, photography magazines! (DPP is my fave.) Nuff said.

3. Prime lens (50mm f1.8) - If only I can go beyond that, I will but my budget can only go for 50mm, f1.8 (no motor for autofocus) and I’m fine with that. I’m after the large aperture it gives that my kit and zoom can not provide. And hey, from what I’ve read, 50mm’s are good enough for portraits which I can use for my clients. (haha)

4. *NEW JOB* - This is something I won’t be able to buy in bookstores, magazine stands or camera shops but I totally, definitely, absolutely, desperately want a new job -something that’s more fulfilling and challenging. Not that I’m not thankful for my current job (I am a technical writer and a part-time yaya to my pamangkin. Oops scratch the latter part, it’s a vocation. LOL). I’m just not happy with it anymore. I just believe my heart’s not in it. And with that, my ultimate wish for my birthday this year is this. (Can be uncertain but I’m working on it). 

And last but not the least, world peace. Nothing more nothing less. And… I do accept donations! Mehehe

So, that’s it. I thank you, bow.

Btw, photographs are not mine. I Googled them all and found on these links:1,2,3,4

  1. mattsjustaroundthecorner said: Good luck! :) Yes. 50mm are definitely good for portraits. But yeah if had the money. I’d go for 85 prime 1.8 :))
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