Blogger(s) Appreciation Post: Confessions of a fangirl (Part One)

I know many, if not all, of us have bloggers or idols they look up to here in Tumblr. Which is why I decided to write an appreciation post for those people who inspired, and still continue to inspire, me and many others. Some of them I was lucky enough to be able to interact with either in the net or in person. So here it goes (in no particular order):

The only non-Filipino blood in this list. Even before I became serious with my blog, I have already came across her tumblr page and instantly followed her because of the really jaw-dropping and amazing photos she took. Her blog is mostly a collection of her light paintings, star trail captures, and other landscapes. Now, she’s doing more conceptual and portrait shoots. 
Alexis. The Mafia boss of us, jaywalkers. haha. I started joining his photowalks in November 5 (Jaywalking) and from there I somehow knew the magic in him that he’s very, very popular. What I know of him, apart from his being famous and talented in photography, is that he’s really humble (in a good way). I mean, no matter how popular he gets, he’s not letting the fame go up to his head, but instead still remains approachable and friendly. So it’s not really a magic, it’s his personality that’s why this guy is really a rare gem nowadays. :)

Should I explain why? Well, Pabee is also one of the first photobloggers I followed, maybe the reason also why I tried having my own shots uploaded in my blog. His works are seamless, composed and vibrant. He does really amazing macro, food, portrait, fashion, landscape, street photography, etc. And I think he can also play guitar? He’s just so awesome and he’s so deeply in love with his girlfriend Angelique Nel. And I find the couple so cute!

If there’s one perfect word to describe her it would be fearless. Ms. Banawe’s blog is a portal where black and white, in its sense, is very much alive. She captures the scenes in her life as poetic as the undressing of a woman’s body. I can see mystery in her posts that needs no explanation, but pure appreciation. As of now, I think she’s quite inactive, leaving us a recent post from her photographicimprints blog which says:  ”Will revive my personal blog once my hair grows way past my boobs. Until then.”

I wasn’t able to get his first name but at least I was able to come across his stunning blog. His page is very simple and neat while the contents are meaty and substantial. His magnificent captures are already an eye-catcher, not to mention those words that he uses to compose a phrase into sentences and paragraphs that are impossibly woven to fit in as a romantic letter for someone. He’s just one of those people I want to meet someday. ^^

[The list is quite long so I decided to divide it into parts. So yeah, to be continued]…

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